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With the busy lifestyles that we live nowadays, it is very important to take some time to do something that is not work-related for a change. Working out is among the best ways that you can use to take a break from your busy lifestyle.

Among the best and most convenient exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home are pull ups. They work your entire body, especially the abs, biceps and back muscles. To be able to do these exercises, you will need to have the best pull up bar. These bars are among the best workout equipment you would own whether or not you are strong enough to do pull ups.

Whether you are just getting started with workouts or you would like to increase the intensity of your workouts, having pull up bars will be a great idea. Here are the 3 types of Best pull up bar reviews to help you choose the best ones for your needs.

Why and When Doorway Pull-Up Bar

Pull up bars are among the most affordable yet most effective workout equipment. Doorway pull up bars are especially lovable among fitness enthusiasts given their simple design, compactness, ease of set up and their light weight. So, why should you invest in a doorway pull up bar? Apart from the obvious reasons listed above, these workout equipment provide great exercises for your neck, back, arms, chest and their respective muscles.

It is a great choice for anyone in need of some intense upper body workout as pull ups, push ups and chin ups are its specialty. These doorway pull up bars are mostly installed on doorways or even on walls and floors. Over the door pull up bars can be temporarily set up by simply slipping them over the door frame as they require no screwing or drilling.

For permanent installation, most come with wall brackets that can be used for mounting on walls or floors. Microscopic pull up bars on the other hand are smaller and are installed onto the door frame and usually require screwing or drilling into the door frames or wall. Below are the top 5 pull up bar reviews of all time.

Best Door way Pull-Up Bar Comparison Table

Best Door way Pull-Up Bar reviews

1. Iron Gym Upper Body Workout

Are you a fun of push-ups, dips, chin-ups and pull-ups among other workouts? Then the Iron Gym Upper Body Workout bar is the best pick for you Being an over the door pull up bar, you only need to install it against your doorway.

Even better is the fact that you only use leverage instead of screws and nails to hold it against the doorway.It comes with 3 grip positions; wide, narrow and medium for better user customization and also ability to perform a variety of workouts.

It measures 13 by 36.6 by 11 inches and weighs 2 pounds hence ideal for most standard doors.It is made of strong, sturdy and durable steel and can also be installed on the floor for more stable sit ups.

This unit is strong, versatile, easy to assemble and set up and does not cause damage to the walls, frames or floors.

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2. Sunny Health and Fitness Door Way Chin Up

Microscopic pull up bars have in the recent past become the trend for most fitness enthusiasts. The Sunny Health and Fitness DoorWay Chin Up has a superb way of disguising itself onto the door frame while giving you a great place to perform your exercises.

It is made of high quality sturdy chrome steel and is equipped with longer foam grips that ensure comfort of the hands or feet during workouts.

This multipurpose bar can be used for pull ups, chin ups, sit ups and crunches among other exercises. Though you have to screw it in position, it can be easily adjusted to fit most standard-width door frames, approximately 32″ wide.

For easier and faster set up, it comes with mounting hardware including installation brackets.This chin up cum pull up bar measures 2 by 25 by 2 inches and weighs 3 pounds which makes it portable, hence ideal for your at-home workout needs.

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3. Pro Source Heavy-Duty Easy Gym Doorway Pull-Up Bar/Chin-Up Bar

Heavy duty, yet small and easily portable is the best description for the ProSource Heavy-Duty Easy Gym Doorway Pull-Up/Chin-Up Bar. Its dimensions are 44 by 10.5 by 2 inches and it has a weight of 9.8 pounds which proves its great portability, considering its sturdy high-grade steel build.

Designed with ease of set up in mind, this pull up bar only requires slipping into doorways(24 to 32 inches in width) rather than screwing it up.Though, for permanent installation, it can be mounted onto a wall using the wall brackets.

This is definitely the best bar for chest, back, shoulder, abdominal muscles and arms workout, thanks to its multipurpose design. Featuring the Pro Source Comfort-Grip Technology, this pull up cum chin up bar ensures pain-free and more secure grip during workouts.

With a weight capability of 300 pounds, this pull up bar can be used by most adults and its 5 grip positions allow for multiple workout options. This unit is definitely a wonderful addition to any fitness enthusiast’s home or gym as it is really affordable.

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4. Perfect Fitness Multi Gym ( 31010 )

Sleek as it looks, the Perfect Fitness Perfect Multi Gym ( 31010 ) pull up bar offers the most amazing upper body workout results you can get for less than $50. With dimensions of 23.3 by 7.8 by 4.5 inches, this unit fits perfectly on standard door frames with widths ranging from 27 to 35 inches.

Its installation requires no drilling or screwing hence protecting the door frames or walls. It features the True Wide Grip design with a raised bar for attachment to the door guard hence allows for a wider grip.

This in turn allows for performance of 3 types of pull ups; the hammer grip, wide and close. Inspired by the US Navy SEAL, this pull up bar has full push, pull and sit power that ensures excellent performance of push ups, digs, chin ups, pull ups and sit ups hence a more fit and lean body for its user.

It has a weight of only 8 pounds hence better portability and maneuverability during workouts. If you want to mainly focus on head, core, back, arms and chest exercises, then the Multi-Gym is the best pick for you.

Key Features :-

5. Iron-Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Extreme Edition With 5 total grip positions; neutral, default narrow, wide, alternate wide and side grips, the Iron-Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar is definitely among the most versatile, yet really affordable pull up bars in the market.

Though it weighs just 7.7 pounds, it can hold up to 300 pounds, thanks to its steel body.It installs perfectly in most standard doorways without the need to drill through walls or door frames.

This pull up bar works amazingly on your chest, back, shoulders and arms hence ensuring the best full upper body workout is achieved. This is due to its multi-functional property that allows for performance of dips, push ups and sit ups among others.

Being an upgrade of the Iron Gym, this Extreme Edition comes with 2 additional grips, all designed to ensure more stable hand positioning hence more comfortable workout. In addition to this, this unit can also be installed on the floor for sit ups and dips. For anyone who cares about shaping up, having the best biceps or even abs, then investing in this unit is actually the wisest idea.

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Why and When Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Wall mounted pull-up bars and ceiling mounted bars install directly into the wall. While they may be more permanent, it’s good that they allow for more types of pull-ups. Awesome, right? A mounted pull-up bar will be a sensible workout equipment for your home gym in many cases. Here are some of these cases.

When you intent for many people to use the bar at one time — In case you like doing workouts with your spouse or you have friends that you work out with, the mounted pull-up bar will give you enough space for that opportunity. What’s more, mounted bars create some order in the work-out environment. It’s cumbersome having to look out for a misplaced workout equipment when you are many.

When you do not have a room for a gym in your house — In the event that you do not have a fitness room or garage to install the pull-up bar, a mounted pull-up bar will be a terrific solution. You can even install it in your yard. This way, you will save yourself the headache of having to move equipment every time you want to work out. How about when you need to make those quick pull ups? Mounted bars offer an effective solution in instances when you want to make quick pull ups for fun or just to get you into the mood.

Best Mounted Pull-Up Bar Reviews

1. Joist Mounted Pull-Up Bar With Neutral-Grip Handles

This Joist pull-up bar features heavy gauge steel construction that makes it very sturdy and durable. When you purchase it, you can be sure that you are making a worthwhile investment.

It is strong enough to be used with rings and other band devices when it comes to doing dips, reverse pushups, and other exercises.However, to use the rings, you need to make sure that your joist is strong enough.

Since there is no break in the middle of this pull-up bar, you can use it for multiple functions.Another thing that you will like about it is the fact that it is equipped with multiple grips that range from neutral to angled.

It comes with knurled grips on angle, middle, as well as traverse handles that give you various positions in order to achieve the best pull up results.

Key Features :-

2. Ultimate Body Press Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

This is a great pull up bar that is designed for you and your home. It features mounting plates as well as holes that are positioned at exactly 16 inches at the center.

This makes it very easy to mount it to standard residential stud-framed walls.This wall-mounted pull-up bar features a mounted bar that is very stable, so you can be sure of having the best workouts from it.

It also comes with assisted exercise variations as well as optional accessories that you will find to be very important.Some of these accessories include push up rings, ab straps, as well as suspension trainers that make it ideal for all skill levels.

It will still be great even if you are working up to your very first pull up.What you would like most about this pull up is the fact that it exceeds your expectations by letting you focus on form and stamina. You will be assured of great workouts and results from it.

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3. Titan Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

This Titan Wall-Mounted pull-up bar is a great for both a professional gym and home use. You can set it up vertically or horizontally depending on the room that you are installing it in. Whether the room is made of a wooden or concrete wall, you can still be able to mount this chin up bar.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned athlete, you will still find this mounted wall-mounted pull-up bar to be very helpful.

It is quintessential for exercising for core strength as well as the upper body mass. It is strong, durable, and has a design that offers you enough room for proper range of motion while building speed and efficiency.

One thing that you can be sure of when using these bars is that you will not slip. This is because they feature powder-coated finish. You can adjust them based on your height or the height of the room you have installed them in.

Key Features :-

4. Ultimate Body-Press Joist-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

If you are looking for right pull-up bar for your basement or garage, you need to give this one a try. You can install it wherever there is a joist or exposed beam in your home.This pull-up bar comes with mounting hardware as well as installation instructions that allow you to install it easily and quickly.

After installing it, you will have a heavy pull up bar that has multiple grip options.When you purchase this pull-up bar, you will also get thick padded foam grips.

If you do not like the foam, you can remove it to use the knurled grips that are found underneath.There is so much that you can do with this pull-up bar.

You can use it for chin-ups, wide grip pull-ups, hanging knees raises as well as neutral grip pull-ups. Installing it is one of the great things you can do if you want to remain strong and healthy.

Key Features :-

5. Stud Bar Pull-Up Bar

Stud pull-up bar is designed for people that are looking for a sturdy fixed mount bar. It is both ceiling and wall mountable. It comes in various sizes, so you are free to choose the one that be accommodated in your house depending on your ceiling height.

You are definitely going to like this pull bar because it is a gym quality bar that is made using 14 gauge steel.It also has triangular gussets that make it stronger.

It can support up to 600 lbs. When you install the Stud Bar, there will be no noise and movement even when you are swinging on it. It is among the amazing exercise equipment that you will not regret having in your home.

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Why and when Power tower pull up bar

The power tower pull up bar has always been a great addition to the gym as per most fitness enthusiasts. Well, what makes this machine that incredible?

The main reasons as to why you need to consider investing in the power tower is its versatility. The power tower pull up bar allows for full body workout with just a little tweaking of the normal pull ups, dips and vertical knee lifts. This is definitely more than a perfect pick for anyone searching for a full body workout at affordable prices. They are also quite affordable and do not require mounting onto walls or door frames.

So, where should you use the power tower pull up bars? Given their free-standing design, these power towers can actually be used both indoors and outdoors without the worry of installation. They can also be used in the gym or at home, or basically any space that can accommodate workout routines. Below are the reviews of the 5 best power tower pull up bars.

Best power tower pull up bar Reviews

1. Weider Power Tower

Both upper and lower body fitness is very important for a healthier being. Unlike most strength training workout routines that require the use of weights, the Weider Power Tower makes use of pull and push forces to ensure fitness.

With this machine, you can easily perform workouts that will ensure full body fitness as it comes with 4 inbuilt stations; the pull-up, dip, push-up and vertical knee raise stations.

Its chassis is made of strong and durable steel with a two-toned powder-coat finish. It features padded upholstery and vinyl cushions to ensure stable and comfortable arm, back and head support during workouts. It also features foot rests for better and more comfortable foot positioning.

It measures 57 by 41 by 84 inches assembled, it weighs 94 pounds and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Manufactured by the trusted Weider, this Weider Power Tower is built to last and also to ensure that your body is chiseled out to the perfect shape and health.

Key Features :-

2. Stamina 1690 Power Tower

The Stamina 1690 has dimensions of 50 by 81.5 by 41.5 inches when assembled and weighs 54 pounds. This, in addition to its free-standing design, makes it fit easily within most workout areas while perfectly maintaining its stability.

Its sturdy steel frame ensures solid support and durability.It comes equipped with multiple workout stations that allow for performance of pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, vertical knee raises and tricep dips among others.

This in turn ensures full body fitness resulting from exercise to the chest, back, abs, arms and other body parts. The Stamina 1690 comes with foam hand grips to ensure comfortable and secure grip during push-ups, chin-ups and pull-ups.

It has no-slip end caps that ensure perfect stability of the unit when working out Each of this power tower’s workout stations are built with great precision and ergonomics to ensure that each workout routine is achieved with ease. It is definitely the best power tower pull up bar.

Key Features :-

3. Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

This unit’s chassis comprises of 12 and 14 gauge steel in terms of thickness, absolute proof of how strong and durable it is It has a 3-step powder-coat finishing that ensures exceptional durability.

The Cap Barbell exercise stand stands at 46 inches in depth, 50 inches in width and 85 inches in height when installed which provides a footprint, small enough to fit within most gyms.This unit comes with welded tube seams and gusseted upright units to ensure stability and strength.

Safety comes first for CAP Barbell and for this reason, all of this unit’s open frame ends are capped to prevent inner oxidation and also for safety. Its bar holder features an ABS sleeve for prevention of scratches when removing or placing the bar.

This power tower bar unit is designed mainly for squats, curls, dead lifts, chin-ups, pull-ups, leg raises and weightlifting among others hence ensuring full body fitness. For storage purposes, it comes with built in storage plates for storing plates and other workout tools.

Key Features :-

4. XMark Fitness Power Tower With Pull-up Station

The XMark XM-4432 is yet another superb power tower pull up bar that is a great success for XMark Fitness. Its 14-gauge steel chassis with a powder-coat finish that is scratch resistant is more than enough for the sake of strength and durability.

It also features tough skid-resistant feet that keep the floors safe from scratches.Its thick high-density cushioned roller pads and cushions on the other hand ensure super comfort when exercising.

These are also covered by Duraguard vinyl which is resistant to wear and tear, thus durable.Its sit-up ankle pads are 5-position adjustable and its dip handles are spaced at 21.5 inches, for comfortable and more effective dips.

The XM-4432 features the sit-up, pull-up, dip, vertical knee raise and push-up stations that work hand in hand to ensure excellent full body fitness is achieved from this single unit. At 54.5 by 48 by 86 inches and 98 pounds, this unit can surely accommodate heavyweights.

Key Features :-

5. Bowflex Body Tower

The Bowflex Body Tower is fully customizable with regards to the user’s preferences as it features the EZ-Adjust horizontal bars that allow the user to adjust the intensity of their workouts.

With this multi-functional unit, you can actually perform at least 20 exercises including sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, planks, knee and leg raises and squats among others.

It features a sturdy and durable commercial-grade steel chassis. This system includes sling straps, hand grips, workout placard and a cushioned back pad for added comfort during exercise.With a weight of 120 pounds, this power tower bar can accommodate a maximum user weight of 300 pounds.

This unit measures 50 by 77 by 50 inches installed which means a smaller footprint hence can easily fit within most gyms.It also comes with a guide outlining at least 10 workout positions and 8 key exercises; the squat, chin up, triceps dip, push ups, supine row, raised bridge, vertical knee raise and crunch which are quite intense hence ensuring full body fitness.

Key Features :-

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Best Pull-Up Bar

Given that pull-up bars are an excellent machinery with proven effectiveness in strengthening and building the upper body, it would be a shame to make an ineffective decision while making purchase. Before settling down to buying a pull up bar for your home or business, there are several critical things that you need to keep in mind. They include:

Strength and grip of the bar–

Safety while working out in an issue of contention especially when running a gym business. You definitely wouldn’t like to experience clients getting injured inside your business premise. The strength of the material used to make the bars should be your ultimate concern if at all you want to buy the best pull up bar. You need to make sure that the bar is strong enough to hold your weight when using it. Reading the manufacturer notes would be of great assistance in accomplishing this feat. What’s more, the pull-up bar should also have a strong grip on the frame that it is mounted on. In this regard, it would be efficient to consider the weight of the people who will be using the bar.

Diameter and flexibility—

work out equipment are for use by different people. Inevitably, different persons have totally different grips on the equipment.You need to make sure that the pull bar you want to purchase has the right diameter depending on your palm size and that of the other people who will use it. It is a good idea if the bar can support a number of grips. Given that different exercises require different bars, you most probably would want to consider the flexibility of the bar.

Number of users—

you need to make sure that the pull-up bar has features that can accommodate different ‘people who will be using it. The flexibility and comfort associated with working out should be a priority.

Additional equipment–

pads and other additional workout equipment go a long way in making the exercise more comfortable especially on your hands. When buying a bar, it’s important to factor in these additional equipment and their compatibility with the pull-up bar you want to purchase.

Now You Can Choose the Best pull up bars with Confidence

The reviews above are as a result of user reviews and ratings, which makes them truly genuine. From the above list of top best pull up bars, it is evident that they vary in terms of versatility, compactness, affordability, design and many other factors. For most users, design, ease of installation and versatility are the most important factors when searching for best pull up bar. All these equipment cost below $100 which makes them really affordable for most people and given their effectiveness in upper body fitness, they are actually the best choice for you.