Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Reviews

Product Name:Body Vision PT600 Power Tower
Brand:Body Max
Weigh Capacity :300 Lbs
Type:Power Tower Pull Up Bar
Made with :Heavy-duty steel frame, with box style cushions
Uses:3 -station fitness tool for ab and upper-body workout
Reviews: 259 Reviews

You can set up a fitness center right in your home or office. Body Champ company manufactures Body Vision PT600 Power Tower, multi-purpose workout equipment. Established in 1993, the company has a wealth of experience in workout equipment. The quality and standard of their equipment is not in question. Both individuals and professionals endorse and use the company’s equipment.

The power tower works out both the lower and upper body. It has five workout stations for working out different parts of the body. The steel frame is strong and holds heavy weight of up to 250 lbs. The base is firm and does not move about during exercise. It can sit on any floor type without causing any damage. It has cushion covering the supporting metal bar for both back and arms. You can adjust the frame to suit your height. It is real value for money.

Who is this product designed for?

  • The power tower is suitable for anyone who wants to keep fit.


This multiple exercise power tower has some good features among them being:

Multi-Station Workout Tower

You can use the PT 600 Power Tower at home or in the office. It works multiple parts of the lower and upper body. It is good for chin-up and pull up for the upper body, squads, and leg raises for toning the lower body muscles. It is comfortable to use and has high-density cushions to support the back and arms. It is strong and holds heavy weight of up to 250 lbs.

Padded Back and Arm Cushions

The power tower is comfortable and you can exercise for long hours. It comes with cushions to prevent both the back and arms from injuries. The cushions cover the metal where the back leans. They cover the metal support for hands as well. It has a strong and firm base that you can place on any type of floor. It is compact and does not take much space in the room.


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Slip Resistant Foot Grips

You can do deep push- ups with confidence. The foot grips in the power tower are slip resistant. The steel frame is firm and cannot slip under heavy weight. The grips are comfortable and you can adjust the frame to suit your height. The foot grips serve as push-bars and provide excellent workout. The base is firm and does not move during exercise. You will love working out in comfort.

Pull-Up and Chin-Up Station

The PT600 Power Tower is for multiple body workouts. It has a pull-up and chin-up station for strength building. It will tone the upper body muscles including chest, arms, back, biceps, and others. It has a number of grip positions. You will choose the position that works best for each exercise. It is comfortable and safe to use. The frame is strong and the base firm. There are no chances of accidents.

Dip Station for Triceps

The power station takes care of virtually all parts of the body. It has a dip station for working out triceps and the lower body. It contains a leg raise station that exercises the lower abdominals and the squads. The exercise is perfect and the power tower offers complete gym experience. It is good value for money and a great saving. You will not regret buying this high value equipment.

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  • Height adjustable grips
  • Easy to assemble
  • Allows for multiple exercises
  • Strong and stable
  • Not expensive
  • Takes little room space


  • Arm bars are a bit far apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the power tower as thin as it looks on the picture?

A: It is quite thick and supports weight as heavy as 250 lbs

Q. Can I use the power tower in the open?

A: The pads will wear out from harsh weather. It is advisable to use indoors.

Final Verdict

This excellent equipment works out all parts of the body. It is compact and takes little space in the room. You can use it anywhere from home to office. It is easy to assemble and comes with an instructions manual. The steel frame is strong and the base firm. Adequate safety measures are well in place and chances of accidents are minimal. The power tower has multiple stations for working out different parts of the body. The price is good comparing to the value. Try it, you will not regret.



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