Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand Reviews

Product Name:Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand
Brand:CAP Barbell
Type:Power Tower Pull Up Bar
Made with:Steel Construction
Uses:Uses for pull-ups, chin-ups, leg raises, and more
Weight Capacity:300 Lbs
Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand Reviews

Power tower pull up bars are among the most advantageous fitness equipment within the workout niche. Apart from the fact that they offer exercises that deal will the fitness of every body part, they are also quite affordable. Choosing the best one from the long list of different brands in the market is challenging, especially for the newbie. Do you want to know why the Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand is considered the most superb addition to any gym or workout space? Below is a review outlining the key features of this machine; facts that will surely draw your admiration for this machine.

Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand Features


46 by 50 by 85 Inches. The Barbell Power Rack measures 46 inches deep, 50 inches wide and 85 inches high when assembled, which provides a smaller footprint hence can fit in smaller spaces. This makes it suitable for any home gym as they are usually smaller; it requires floor space of just 46 by 50 inches. It has a weight of 60 pounds which is quite light for such a machine hence easily portable. Both its compact size and light weight make assembly and set up of the Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand a lot easier.

Features a steel construction.

The Cap Barbell FM-CS7000F’s chassis is made of sturdy steel with a thickness of 12 gauge and 14 gauge. This is thicker than most power tower constructions in the market hence stronger and most suitable for the most intense workout routines. This also ensures great strength and durability for this machine.

It also features a 3-step powder coat finishing which ensures exceptional durability. Its smooth finishing is resistant to rust, scratches and damages that could easily occur when working out This unit will surely serve you for years without a single scratch or shear.

Comes with a tubular overhead workout station

The Cap Barbell FM-CS7000F’s overhead workout station is made from high-grade tubular steel with all its open ends capped to prevent inner oxidation and also for general safety. This design helps reduce its weight hence making it more portable and easier to assemble. This workout station is securely welded to mounting plates featuring mini gussets for better reinforced support.

This ensures the user enjoys the most secure and safe workouts. Its bar holder features an ABS sleeve that helps prevent scratches as you store or remove the bar. This overhead workstation is great for pull-ups, leg raises and chin-ups among others.

Features 30 adjustment positions

With 30 adjustment positions mainly for its bar holders, the Cap FM-CS7000F can support multiple exercises. This is because the bar holder can be moved to any position with regards to the user’s preferred kind of workout routine. It also comes with an upper exercise bar that best acts as an anchor for suspending other workout equipment such as abdominal bands, resistant bands and rings. These work hand in hand to ensure that every part of the body is chiseled and molded into shape as they work great on pull-ups, leg raises, chin-ups, push-ups, bench press and mid-rift area exercises among others.


1 Olympic Plate Post, 1 Olympic Bar Post and storage posts. For the most effective and efficient workout routines, this unit comes equipped with an Olympic plate post and bar post. The Olympic bar post is mainly meant for holding the barbells. It supports both 6 ft. and 7 ft. barbells hence convenient. This makes the Cap FM-CS7000F the best pick for weightlifting exercises, pull-ups, chin-ups and leg lifts, which are great strength exercises. Its Olympic Plate Post is great for other workouts including push-ups, sit-ups and also weights. This unit also comes with storage posts on its back for storage of plates, bars and other peripheral workout equipment.


  1. Versatile as it allows for multiple workouts including pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, leg lifts, squats and dips.
  2. Durable as it features a sturdy steel construction with a 12 and 14 gauge thickness.
  3. This also makes it strong and also increases its stability.
  4. Easy to assemble.
  5. It does not require screwing to walls or floors and it also comes with tools for its set up.
  6. It actually takes less than an hour to set it up.
  7. Convenient. This power tower pull-up bar features a free-standing design hence can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  8. Cost saving.


  1. Most users find its storage quite challenging as it is not foldable.
  2. It takes up so much storage space especially when already assembled.
  3. Its weight of 60 pounds is a little too light for stability during intense workouts.
  4. In fact, it may require holding down especially for people who weigh heavier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the maximum weight capacity for the Cap Barbell FM-CS7000F?

A: It has a 300 pounds maximum user weight capacity and a 300 pounds maximum weight capacity on the catches/bar holders.

Q: What length of bar can it accommodate between its posts?

A: The distance between its posts is 43.5 inches hence it is recommended to use posts longer than 45 inches on its bar holders.

Q: Can its squat rack be set low enough to be used as a bench press?

A: Yes. It can adjust low enough to be used as a weight bench hence great for bench pressing.

Final verdict

With the great features inspired by traditional weight exercises with a fusion of the 21st century resistance and strength training trends, the Cap Barbell FM-CS7000F Power Rack Exercise stand can never disappoint. Super storage options, ease of assembly, convenience, reliability, versatility and effectiveness are just a few of the benefits you stand to achieve from this really affordable workout unit. It is among the best full-body workout equipment ever in existence, a good reason as to why any fitness enthusiast needs to invest in it.

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