CFF Wall Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar Reviews

Product Name:CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar
Type:Mounted Pull Up Bar
Made with:Top quality stud or joist mounted system.
Uses:all types of pull up and ring work
Weight Capacity:300 Lbs
CFF Wall Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar Reviews

Did you know that you can conveniently workout at home with gym equipment? The high quality CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar with 300-Pound Capacity is for both commercial and home use. It is affordable and easy to assemble. It works well while high above the ground preferably on the wall or ceiling.

The manufacturer uses heavy-duty quality commercial material when producing this pull-up bar. The workmanship is of high standard and the finish is beautiful. It is strong and firm and carries heavy weights of up to 300 lbs. It comes with assembling bolts and screws that are of heavy-duty material. Mounting the pull-up bar takes just over 20 minutes. The design provides ample feet and head clearance space for the tallest person possible. It gives ample space from the wall for anyone to work out without hitting the wall. You will definitely save money and time.

Who is this product designed for?

  • This product is exercise equipment and is ideal for everyone.


This outstanding pull-up bar has good features and below is some of them:

Adequate Feet and Head Clearance

The manufacturer of this pull-up bar has put into consideration the diverse heights of people. The design of the bar provides enough feet and head clearance for possible maximum height of a person. It does not matter how tall a person is, the feet will be comfortably above the ground. There will be adequate space between the ceiling and the head. Whether on the wall or ceiling, the clearance space is still adequate.

Easy to Assemble

The manufacturer provides bolts, screws, and support anchor free of charge. The bar comes complete with an installation manual that has easy to follow instructions. With these instructions, it is easy to assemble and mount the pull-up bar. Make sure that you tighten the bolts and screws to enhance safety and security. It takes slightly over 20 minutes to complete the assembly. Start your workout today and enjoy the health benefits.

Holds Heavy Weight

The material in this pull-up bar is heavy-duty commercial quality. It is strong and solid. The bar has the capacity of holding weights of up to 300 lbs. It cannot break or bend under the weight. A heavy person will comfortably pull-up, swing and do any type of workout. The support anchor bolts and screws are equally strong. They withstand heavy weights with no chance of breaking or bending. Try it.

Unique Design

This bar is 46 inches wide and the measurement from the wall is 30 inches. There is ample space from the wall that gives you total freedom to work out. You can rotate the body on either side, as you desire. You will not hit the wall in any way. The bar is strong and firm. It is safe and secure to experiment different types of workouts. Enjoy the freedom.

Wall or Ceiling Mount

The CFF pull-up bar does not take up any surface space in the room. It is a pull-up bar and needs to be high above the ground. It can only work well while on the wall or ceiling. You can mount the bar in any spare room or in the garage. Choose a room where you will not require to keep pulling it down after every exercise. Try to work out regularly.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Quality workmanship and finish
  • Strong and firm
  • Reasonable price
  • Suitable for both commercial and home use
  • Ideal for people of different weights and heights
  • Comes with free assembling tools


  • Slightly heavy for some people to lift when mounting

Frequently Asked Questions

The manufacturer provides heavy-duty hardware for assembly. It is strong and solid.

Can I mount the bar on a concrete wall?

It can work perfectly well. You will need to buy concrete anchor bolts from the local store.

Final Verdict

This pull-up bar is perfect for workout whether at home or at the gym. It is affordable and you can purchase one for home use. It comes with an instructions manual to guide you in assembling. It is easy to assemble and does not take much time. The bar is strong and firm and the anchor bolts are heavy duty. The design is compatible for both short and taller people. It works well while on the wall or ceiling. It is cheap and long lasting. Buy one for better health.

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