GoFit Chin-up Bar Reviews

Product Name:Go Fit Chin Up Bar
Type:Doorway Pull-Up Bar
Made with:Steel
Uses:Chrome plated bar with padded grips
Weight Capacity:250 Lbs
GoFit Chin-up Bar Reviews

Just as the name suggest it is time to go fit with the GoFit chin-up Bar a product of GoFit company a company has for a long time manufactured gym equipment that help in going fit. This3.59pound gym equipment is perfect for chin-ups and has foot anchors for sit-ups and crunches.

This is the most perfect gym equipment that helps you keep fit as it allows performing up to three exercises. The bar can accommodate a weight of up to 250 pounds when mounted properly.

GoFit Company has put both innovations and skills in the manufacture of this male functional gym equipment that gives solution to home fitness. It is fitted on easily on the doorway as it does not need drilling holes on the door frame. It has three grips allow for the performance of different exercises. Get yours and transform your doorway into a perfect gym!

Who is this product designed for?

  • This gym equipment is ideal for anyone who is in need of working out, toning as well as strengthening his/her muscles.

Feature of the Go-fit Chin-up Bar

A patent pending design

For you to perform chin-ups and pull-ups perfectly there must be enough space for full range of motion. It is for this reason that the manufacturer has designed this equipment in a patent-pending design to allow you an additional 8 inch space. This ensures that chin-ups are performed perfectly without any difficulties.

3 chin-up grip positions

Go-fit company has fitted the chin-up equipment with three grips that allow for performance of more than one exercise. It helps the user to build muscles and tone the body at different grips. These grips could be either narrow, neutral or wide positions. This equipment perfectly meets the user’s needs.

It is adjustable

A great addition to its performance is the fact that it can be adjusted to meet the specification of the user. The manufacturer has made this bar to be adjustable in order to meet different door frames that range between 28 inches and 36 inches. In addition, it has three grip options that allow performance of different exercises in just this one bar.

A chrome plated bar with padded grips

Who wouldn’t need a fitness bar that is strong and durable? The Go-fit company has platted the GoFit chin-up Bar with chrome to ensure that it is durable and strong to accommodate the heavy weight. The padded grips make them comfortable to hold as the reduce chances of slipping.

It comes with mounting hardware

Go-fit comes with mounting hardware that ensures it is firmly and steadily fitted to the doorway for comfortable and confident exercising. Since it’s firmly mounted, it can accommodate weight of up to 250 pounds. This makes it safe for use as there are zero chances of it falling.


  • Easy to install.
  • Has three grip positions.
  • It is multi-functional.
  • Raises an additional 8 inches.


  • The paint rubs-off.
  • Loose bolts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this equipment only meant for chin-ups?

A: Not only does this gym equipment allow for chin-ups but also holds your feet to allow for performance of sit-ups and crunches.

Q. Does it come with any mounting hardware?

A: Yes, this equipment unlike others comes with mounting hardware that makes sure it’s properly mounted to accommodate the body weight that hangs on it while exercising.

Q. Does this product come with any warranty?

A: This product comes with a one year warranty that covers for any physical damages that aren’t intentional.

Final Verdict

GoFit Company has manufactured this equipment while fitting it with details that ensure it is comfortable and stable for exercising. The chrome-plated bar and padded grips ensure it is comfortable, durable to accommodate the heavy weight that might be exerted on it while exercising. The grips ensure that the user’s hands are safe and slipping free. It is also adjustable to meet the user’s requirements and specifications as he/she builds muscles or tones the body. Inaddition it can accommodate weight of up to 250 pounds. This is the gym equipment you need to get for your home and start keeping fit. Hurry and make your purchase.

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