Iron Gym Express Chin-up Bar Reviews

Product Name:Iron Gym Express Chin-Up Bar
Type:Doorway Pull-Up Bar
Made with:Steel Construction, comfort foam grips
Uses:Can be used for pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, dips and more
Weight Capacity:270 Lbs
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Would you love to transform your door way into a gym? Worry not as the Iron Gym Express Chin-up Bar is here to help you out. This is the best home gym equipment that helps in working out shoulders, back, arms, abs and chest. It has three pull up grip options: narrow, neutral and wide which allow utilization of underhand and overhand in helping focus on areas of the arm, back shoulders and chest.

This bar can be fitted at the bottom of the door frame and used as supporters for sit-ups and crunches to work out the abdomen. It can also be removed fully from the door frame to allow more exercises like dips and pushups. In addition, this equipment can accommodate weight of up to 270lbs making it flexible to meet your needs. This is the gym equipment that allows you to work out by performing various exercises at the comfort of your home.

Who is this product designed for?

  • This product is ideal of anyone who is in need of toning and building his/her upper body by performing up to four exercises on this single gym equipment.


This gym equipment has various features that make it comfortable, strong and durable as aids you in body building and toning.

Three grip positions

In order to allow for the performance of several exercises, the manufacturer has fitted this gym equipment with three adjustable grips that ensure this is possible. These three grip options include; neutral grip, wide grip and the narrow grip. These grips ensure that it is possible to perform dips, pushups, pull ups, sit-ups and chin-ups for effective body work outs.

It is stable

The manufacturer has made this gym equipment using strong steel that ensure it is stable when performing exercises. This equipment is not only fit in door way frames but also on the floor to carry out pushups that make the biceps and triceps stronger while assured of comfort and stability. Its stability also ensures that sit-ups are carried out without any risks of the equipment collapsing.

A durable frame

The frame is made of heavy duty steel making it stable and durable. The Ontel products company has built this equipment well to ensure it is strong and stable for performing various exercises. The platinum metallic paint ensures that it is durable and long lasting for long time of body work out.

Easy to install

In order to install this gym equipment, no technician is required as it comes with a manual. Armed with the manual, you can install it easily on your any door way in your home, making it convenient for performing exercises. This makes it easy to perform all upper body work out exercises at the comfort of your home.
It has non-slip foam grips

Slipping is very risky mostly when performing pull ups as it might cause tremendous injuries. The manufacturer has fitted this equipment with non-slip rubberized foam grips to ensure comfort and safety. This is great gym equipment you need to perform home gym exercises.


  • It has a strong frame
  • It is multifunctional
  • It has a steady bar
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It accommodates to up to 270lbs


  • It does not allow performance of dips
  • It does not fit in thin doors

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this equipment require any technician to install?

A: This quality gym equipment does not require any technician to install as it comes with a manual that is used while installing.

Do I need an instructor in order to use this equipment?

A: No, in order to use this equipment you do not need an instructor as this equipment comes with an exercise guide that makes it easy to use.

While installing this equipment is drilling required?

A: When installing this gym equipment, no drilling is required in order to fasten it. This makes it easy and safe to install.

Final Verdict

Iron Gym Express Chin-up Bar turns your door way into a gym as you can perform various exercises on it. The manufacturer has fitted it with details that guarantee you safety, comfort and durability. It helps in saving on costs that would be incurred in going to the gym to exercise. The Ontel Product Company has invested in equipments that ensure you keep fit while keeping in mind comfort and safety of the end user. This is all you need for upper body work out. Get yours today.

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