Perfect Basic Pull Up Bar Reviews

Product Name:Perfect Basic Pullup
Brand:Perfect Fitness
Type:Doorway Pull-Up Bar
Made with:Steel Construction
Uses:Great for all fitness levels
Weight Capacity:300 Lbs
Perfect Basic Pull Up Bar Reviews

Are you on a mission to look fitter, hotter and more beautiful than you currently are? If yes, then you’re in luck as I have just the solution for you.Normal pull ups are hard, but the Perfect Pull up’s game changing swing arm brings the bar down to you. Almost anyone can do a pull up now! The Perfect Pull up is easy to install andwill help you build upper body strength. Your door will remain fully functional even after it’s installed.

The swing arm comes out so you can do an incline or you can do your work out in the topmost or bottom most position. Unless you’re 3 feet tall you can do the incline or all the way up as the thick bar helps balance out your weight. All in all, you will be very glad to get this particular product as it is very decent product and I would recommend it.

Who is this product designed for?

  • Men
  • Women


Adjustable swing arm

This will help you work up to traditional pull ups by doing Standing Rows and Australian Pull ups. If you’ve already mastered the normal pull up, you can use the swing arm to perform, lunges, and a wide variety of other exercises.

This feature also ensures easy installation. The most important benefit of this bar is that you can easily install it anywhere in your home.Your workout will become easier and more productive with the swing arm basically bringing the bar down to you.

Extend up to 20 Inches

This bar is a bit longer than ordinary bars as it extends up to 20 inches from where the wall is positioned meaning that there’s enough space for even obese people to do pull ups with ease without touching the wall or getting injured. You can broaden the content of your workout session by using the swing arm that is situated on this bar to perform tricep presses and other exercises.

Foam Padded Grips

Any supposed pull up bar is rendered useless if it fails to provide grip as you will not do pull ups unless you are able to get proper hold of it. This bar has foam padded grips which will enable you to exercise with ease. Your hand will not slip while you’re doing pull ups. As well as being unique, this feature will ensure you are comfortable as you work out.

Made of Steel

The Perfect Basic Pull Up Bar is the ultimate body press equipment. The wall mounted pull up bar is made of gauge steel which means that even people who are heavy can also use it without really fearing about it breaking. It can work properly for almost every skill and fitness levels of people and can also be adjusted to accommodate everyone’s present fitness level.

Grips Can be Positioned

Another thing that you will definitely find interesting about this great pull up bar is that it will be quite easy for you to change both its grips according to your stamina. If one wants to get maximum output from their pull ups then they may position the bars 36 inches apart.This positioning of grips also contributes to its ease of installation in most door frames.


  • Great for all fitness levels
  • Unique, adjustable swing arm
  • Adjusts to your fitness level
  • Easy to install and your door will remain fully functional


  • You will need an electric drill to install it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any striking differences between this model and the original?

A: The original had handles and was rated to 300 lbs. The newer one does not have handles and is only rated to 220 lbs

Q: Do I Actually have to put screws into my door frame?

A: Yes you do. And it might get stripped easily as mine did.

Q: Is there any chance it will fit a 37″ doorway?

A: The product says fits up to a 36″ doorway and my doorway is thirty five and a half inches and it is very stable.

Final Verdict

Your workout can become easier with this work out item. By making sure the swing arm brings the bar down to you, you can see to it that your workout is diversified by performing triceps presses, lunges and a wide variety of other exercises. Over all, this pull up Arm is a great product that will offer you unlimited benefits. You will be amazed to know that you can buy this great pull up bar is relatively cheap and will definitely not cost you a great deal.

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