Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro White Reviews

Product Name:Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro
Brand:Perfect Fitness
Type:Doorway Pull-Up Bar
Made with:Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro, White
Uses:Your arms, chest, core or back
Weight Capacity:300 Lbs
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Has it always been your dream to build and tone you upper body to perfection? The multi-functional perfect fitness multi-gym will help you through your journey in muscle building and strengthen. It’s a product of perfect fitness company, a company that has vast experience in the manufacture of quality gym equipment.

This equipment is fitted on the door frames in order to allows for intense upper body work out by performing pull-ups,chin-ups,sit-ups and dips. This heavy-duty constructed gym equipment is made of painted steel, open-cell foam and plastic materials that ensure it is durable in performance.

If you thought you are too heavy for this equipment, then think twice as it can support weight of up to 300lbs. In addition it has three different grips that ensure three different sets of muscles are worked out effectively. The manufacturer has taken keen interest in futures that make this equipment suitable for your upper body work out assuring you for stronger muscles.

Who is this product designed for?

  • This gym equipment is ideal for anyone who is in need of working out and building as well as strengthening his/her muscles.


The manufacturer has fitted this gym equipment with features that make it suitable for body building and toning.

A multi -functional fitness bar

Nothing is as convenient as getting to perform more than one exercise on a single gym tool. The multi-gym allows performance of up to four exercises. This makes it convenient and time saving as you do not have to switch equipment in order to perform different exercise. Moreover, this feature helps to save on cost that could be incurred in purchasing another equipment to be used in performing the different exercises.

It is heavy duty constructed

The manufacturer has constructed this gym equipment using materials that make it comfortable and durable. It is made of painted steel, open cell foam and plastic materials to ensure that it is durable and has high performance for better results. The steel ensures that this equipment is steady and not easy to bend or break in the process ofexercising. For sure this is the right gym equipment for you.

It has three different grips

This equipment has been fitted with three adjustable grips that can be adjusted according to the needs of the user. The grips are wide, close and hammer that ensure proper and efficient body work out. The wide grip allows for pull-ups that help in achieving of broad shoulders and narrow waist. This is one flexible gym equipment that is worth you purchase.

It helps to protect door frames

Nobody would want his/her door frames to be affected by this quality body building equipment. It’s for this reason that the manufacturer has included frame guards and thick pads that ensure the door frames are safe and not affected by this equipment. This multi-gym does not need any drilling to install making installation easy task.


  • Easy to install.
  • It is adjustable.
  • It is steady.
  • Allows performance of up to four exercises.


  • It does not allow kipping pull-ups.
  • It is not easy to find doors that fit this equipment perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the maximum weight that can be accommodated by this Multi-gym?

A: This equipment is flexible as it can accommodate weight of up to 300lbs.This makes it suitable to be used by a wide range of people.

Q. Does this equipment require a technician to install?

A: It doesn’t require any technician to install as this equipment comes with a manual and guide that can be used in installing this quality gym equipment on you door without much difficulties.

Q. Does this equipment come with a warrant?

A: Yes, this gym equipment come one-year equipment manufacturer’s warranty that covers damages that may occur except for intended physical damage.

Final Verdict

Perfect Fitness Company has fitted this product with features that make it efficient and safe in performing exercises that help tone and build muscles on the upper body. Its padded frame guards protect the door frames from any damages. It ensures complete upper body work out as it can allow for the performance up to four exercises. This equipment is easy to install and takes less timed to make sure it is in place. Hence saving on time and costs that would be used in getting a technician. This is one equipment you need to acquire for your gym room. Make your purchase now and start keeping fit.

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